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The exhibition SOROLLA, A NEW DIMENSION is an innovative proposal aimed at paying tribute to the great Valencian artist, master of light and color, who revolutionized the Spanish art scene with his optimism and virtuosity.

A spectacular and exciting exhibition conceived with scientific and academic rigor, with an evocative and entertaining story, with new views and new content. A unique exhibition thanks to a didactic and interactive museography with immersive 360° projections, virtual reality, digital installations, scenographies and other technical means.
Motion graphics, 2D and 3D animations, digital effects and other generative techniques, and a brilliant soundtrack composed ad hoc.
A room with an area of 300 m² and a height of 13 m, where a 360° film is projected with images of Sorolla's paintings and other artistic and documentary material.
The space offers an environment of knowledge and practice about the colours used by Sorolla. All visitors will be able to participate in a creative and collaborative way in the creation of a very particular painting by Sorolla in a Sketch and Post.
We have 36 virtual reality glasses that allow to move inside the most representative paintings of Sorolla, where the identifying elements of the artist's poetics become tangible and close.
A space to show the interpretations of Sorolla's work made by digital artists, highlighting the participation of the experimental units in audiovisual and digital creation of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
Three exhibition rooms that will allow you to discover the rural and urban Valencia of Sorolla's time, the cultural and artistic environment that saw him grow personally and artistically.
La Base, in the Marina of Valencia 46024
Next to the Lanzadera building and in front of the Veles e Vents esplanade.

TRAM línea 8: Marina Reial J. Carlos
Autobús línea 95: Neptú / Dr. Marcos Sopena - Armada Espanyola / Comissaria Policia - Marítim
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